Issues to Tackle

I have a lot of ideas I would like to implement that could make positive changes for Ocean County. Change is never easy but with the great team I will assemble at the Sheriff’s Office, I think that it is possible to bring true reform to Ocean County. Among the issues I will be examining:

Hate crimes: We need to work with local Police Departments and educating the public on having block patrols and focus on training departments to focus on community policing. We also need to impose tougher sentences on those committing the crimes.

Terrorism: We need to work with local police and the public to focus on reporting the early signs of troublesome behavior and implement a better “See Something, Say Something” policy. I believe that the Sheriff’s Department should be able to do this. 

Drugs: As far as the drug community is concerned, I want to be the most feared Sheriff in Ocean County history. Ocean County has a big problem with opioids and heroin laced with fentanyl. Drug dealers just want the money and are not concerned with whether you live or die. The range of this problem runs from the very youngest to the very oldest. I want to educate our youth and hold meetings to inform adults of the signs of drug and opioid addiction.

Public Service: I would like to be more visible to the public, attend club meetings and council meetings. I believe the public should know who holds the office. They should be comfortable talking to me or any Sheriff’s officer and not be intimidated by the uniform. 

Communications: I would like to see the  Sheriff’s website updated on a regular basis. Right now, the Youth Police Camp is dated three years behind. It says, “The camp will be held Tuesday, August 2 to Friday, August 6, 2016”.

Public Announcements: I would advertise when we would be in a particular municipality for informing the public on a variety of issues: the dangers of texting while driving, bike helmet and safety while riding a bike, child safety seats, and protecting the elderly to name a few.

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